Shamsur Rahman

Head of Operations (HOO)

Mr. Shamsur Rahman has been with the Suvastu Family since 1997 through the thick and thin. His involvement and dedication towards the company is immeasurable. Currently he is holding the post of Head of Operations in Suvastu Properties Ltd. He is remarkably capable of working under pressure and handling multiple tasks at once. He has completed his Bachelor of Science in Civil & Environmental Engineering and his Master of Science in Soil, Water & Environmental Engineering from Fareast International University. He has also completed multiple Management Training courses over the time.

Previously he has contributed as the Head of Construction in Suvastu and has successfully managed the total construction process of over 50 projects all over Dhaka City including Suvastu Nazar Valley, which is a Landmark project of Suvastu. We are thankful to have Mr. Rahman in our Suvastu family and we wish him all the best in his future activities and accomplishments.